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What’s a Vision Board?

What’s a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is used to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on your goals. You create a poster the visually represents your goals and you display it somewhere where you’ll be able to look at it regularly.

How to create an empowering Vision Board:

Vision boards can be digital or printed. You can cut out pictures from magazines or find pictures online. Vision Boards can be neat or messy, framed or stuck on card. It’s really up to you! The only crucial element is to ensure that you look at it regularly.

1. Write down your goals for a specified time period

You could create a list of goals for the next 6 months, the next year, the next 5 years or even the next 10 years. You could even create multiple Vision Boards for multiple time periods. Think about what you want to achieve in the time and set realistic goals. Yes, you do have to be realistic. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but you do have to be able to put steps in place to achieve.

2. Find pictures that represent your goalsĀ 

You can find pictures in magazines, online through Google image search, or if you’re talented enough you could even draw your own pictures. The pictures don’t have to correlate directly with your goal, as long as they relate to your goal in a way that is meaningful to you.

3. Assemble the images together

The most popular way to do this is to create a digital or printed collage, but you could also frame your images or put them together in another way that works for you. I created mine digitally and printed it out in A2 size. I used Google image search to find images and placed descriptive text over the top.

4. Display it somewhere that you’ll see regularly

It’s not just enough to make the Vision Board, you also have to work to make your goals a reality! Looking at your Vision Board regularly will help you to stay focused on your goals and keep you on track.





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