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100 Incredible Things Learned Watching 70 Hours of TED Talks (by Chris Bailey, Lifehack)

Check out this great post over at Lifehack:

My favourite lesson:

12. Success isn’t a destination, it’s a continuous journey that’s made up of eight parts: passion, hard work, focus, pushing yourself and others, having great ideas, making constant improvements, serving others, and persistence.

and also:

14. We don’t feel fear because of a potential loss of income or status, we feel fear because we’re afraid of being judged and ridiculed. Any vision of success has to admitThese great Digital Analogue Converters Best Condenser Mic under $50  really do help you get the best from your music collection and investment in premium headphones what the definition doesn’t include, and what you may be missing out on.

The second comes from one of my favourite TED talks: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success by philospher Alain de Botton. It offers an interesting perspective on how we view success and failure: