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Guess What….!!

My husband and I are absolutely delighted to announce that I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with our first child! Needless to say, we are both extremely excited. Our baby is due on the 15th of April and we can’t wait!


Miss Flik

Miss Flik is a blogger, business owner, and life lover. She escaped the 9-5 and created a life that she loves, and she wants to help you do the same! Miss Flik loves to blog about life, positivity, self empowerment, business, marketing, and graphic design. When Miss Flik isn't blogging, you'll find her working at her design business Flik Graphic Design and operating her online store called Miss Flik Miss Flik also loves to hula hoop, roller skate, and post pictures of her puppies on instagram. You can find more of her blog posts over at Google+