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Printed Invitations

Should you print your own invitations or have them printed professionally?

Not sure whether you should print your own invitations or have them printed professionally? Here’s a run down of the advantages and disadvantages of both options!

Firstly lets have a look at cost. Professional printing is more expensive right? Not necessarily. Once you add up the cost of specialty paper, plus the cost of printer ink, it might actually be more expensive. On the other hand, if your invitation isn’t going to use very much ink and you don’t spend too much money on paper, it might be cheaper. It really just depends on your individual setup.

Time & Convenience
Professional printing is easy because all the work is done for you, but it can take a few weeks for your invitations to arrive. On the other hand, if you do your own invitations you have to buy all the supplies and to take care of the printing, trimming, and troubleshooting. You have to figure out which paper is going to work with your printer, and figure out how to set it up so you don’t end up with paper jams and other issues.

This is where professional printing comes out on top. Professional printing undoubtedly produces better quality results than home printing. Have a look at the comparison photo on the left. Both invitations are black ink printed on kraft paper, the one on the left is printed on a high-end consumer grade bubble jet printer, the invitation on the right is printed on a commercial digital printer. See how much blacker the professional invitation looks? This is because the ink in the home printer is water based and sinks into the paper, while the ink on the professional printer is (usually) made from soy wax so it’s sits on the surface of the paper. But home prints can do a pretty good job too, and may be more than adequate for your particular project.

Specialty Printing
When you print at home you’re limited to using RGB or CMYK inks, which means that you can’t achieve some of the cool colours that require special printers. For example, most printers can’t print white ink, you need a special white ink printer in order to be able to do this. Likewise, home printers can’t do cool effects like metallic ink/foil, embossing or letterpress – all of these require specialist printers too.

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