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How to save money on graphic design

When it comes to graphic design you generally get what you pay for, so if you can afford to spend more money on design, I strongly suggest you do, but if you’re genuinely on a budget, hopefully these tips will help you save some money. This is very generalised advice based on my own experience as a graphic designer, I can’t speak for all designers out there, but hopefully you’ll find it useful.

1. Don’t hire someone based on their hourly rate.

A cheap hourly rate won’t necessarily mean a cheap job. For example a $20 an hour student designer might charge you for 6 hours for a project, while a $120 senior designer at an agency might only charge you for 1 hour to do the same project. Ask for a fixed price quote that details exactly what is included in the price.

2. Let your designer know your budget.

Generally designers won’t reduce their hourly rate, but if they know what your budget is, they can suggest ways to work around it.

3. Make sure your designer know what they’re doing

A “self-taught designer” that only charges $20 to design a flier may seem like bargain, but if it takes 20 rounds of revisions and several hours of your time to produce something you’re happy with, is it worth it? I’m not saying not to hire someone who is self-taught or a student – just make sure they know what they’re doing!

4. Factor in cost of the printing (if applicable)

Your printing company may charge a file setup or pre-flight fee if you supply your own artwork, so it might be cheaper if you get the printing company to do the graphic design too. Likewise, a freelance graphic designer may charge more for design, but they may have access to cheaper printing prices, so the overall cost may be cheaper.


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