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Epic Month-Long Road Trip With a 5-6 Month Old! Are We Crazy?!!

All dressed up ready for the wedding. This kid has managed to go to two wedding before her 6 month birthday!
All dressed up ready for the wedding. This kid has managed to go to two wedding before her 6 month birthday!

At the beginning of this month, DH and I decided to embark on an ambitious road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne. Were we crazy? I thought so. But it actually ended up being fine, but it took a LOT of strategic planning!

Charlotte doesn’t like car rides (she basically hates doing anything that doesn’t involve being with a centimeter of me, so she hates being in her car seat!) but she will sleep in the car, so we just had to strategically plan our driving so that we left when she was due for a nap. Then we had a maximum of 2 hours of available driving time to get somewhere. Thankfully we had a lot of places we were stopping at along the way so it was pretty easy to split our driving up into 2 hour or less blocks.

The first stop was Lismore for a friend’s vegan wedding. We had a great time and Charlotte LOVED the live music.

Lismore is a great place to get vegan food! The next morning we went out for breakfast and I had amazing blueberry pancakes. We then headed to Sugarshine Sanctuary to see all the cute animals, including 11 piglets! I felt sorry for mumma pig. I’m so glad I don’t have to breastfeed 11 babies – one is more than enough for me!

Sound asleep with Dad after getting tired out by all the fun
Sound asleep with Dad
Piglets at Sugarshine Sanctuary
Piglets at Sugarshine Sanctuary

The second stop was Coffs Harbour to spend a couple of days with Charlotte’s Grandparent’s.

Then we headed to Sydney to catch up with some friends.

We went to Bondi Beach and Charlotte got to experience sand for the first time. She was fascinated!

We went out for dinner at Gigi Pizzeria, one of the few pizzeria’s in the world to be a member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (The True Neapolitan Pizza Association). It recently made headlines for changing to menu to be completely vegan.

Yummy pizza at Gigi’s

The pizza was without a question the BEST pizza I’ve ever had. It was amazing. Our friends waited in line for over an hour to get in (luckily we were running late so only had to wait for 15 minutes!) but they said it was definitely worth the wait.

After Sydney we went to Canberra, which was pretty exciting because I had never been there before.

We attended the Living Green Festival and Chay and Charlotte sat on a discussion panel about raising kids plant-based.

After Canberra we went to Melbourne and the first stop was St Kilda and Luna Park. Charlotte loved Luna Park even though she was too little for any of the rides!

While we were in Melbourne we stayed at a friend’s place in Fitzroy, which made it incredibly easy to find vegan food. We were within walking distance of a vegan cupcake cafe, a vegan bakery, and loads of vegan and vegetarian restaurants including Smith & Daughters. We planned to visit Edgar’s Mission, but unfortunately our tour was cancelled due to the risk of bushfires. Thankfully Edgar’s Mission was unharmed, but it was a close call.

After a week in Melbourne we spent a week staying with Chay’s mum who lives a couple of hours out of Melbourne, and we visited another animal sanctuary and saw penguins on Phillip Island.

Then DH drove home and a flew home with Charlotte. Her first plane ride! I was very nervous but she was actually fine. I fed her during the takeoff and landing and she slept for most of the flight!


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