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flik_full_lengthHi! I’m Miss Flik! I’ve escaped the 9-5 and I want you to be able to as well! On my blog you’ll find lots of articles about being self employed, following your heart and living life to the fullest! I also write about design, personal growth, small business development and marketing.

I believe in generating happiness through empowerment and positivity. I believe that anyone that is in a position to be reading this blog can quit their day job if they’re prepared to work hard enough.

I used to be overworked, unappreciated and broke. I used to think that the only way to make it in life was to work your butt off at multiple minimum wage jobs. I had absolutely no self confidence and no faith in my own intuition, so I used to follow all the terrible advice that people used to give me – even when it made me completely miserable!

But I eventually broke out of that negative mindset, and over time (and hard work!) I created a job and life that I love.

Everything changed the week before I was about to commence a 5 year accounting course. I hated accounting, but I was going to do the course because I thought it was what I should do, and what I was expected to do. But instead, even when my friends and family told me not to, I decided to follow my heart and pursue my true passion – graphic design. You can read about how I became a graphic designer here.

These days I have a freelance graphic design business in Brisbane, a second graphic design business especially for micro business, and an ecommerce store. I love my work, and it enables me to have plenty of free time to blog, do volunteer work, and have lots of fun!