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2015 Year in Review

I had another MASSIVE year in 2015! Some highlights included:

1. Moved into our new house
In January we said goodbye to our inner city apartment and then renovated and moved into our new house in the suburbs. Yes, I was moving house and renovating while heavily pregnant and I would not recommend it! But all the nesting hormones certainly helped!

2. Had a baby
After an epic 4 day labour, I gave birth to my beautiful little baby girl Charlotte on the 17th of April 2015. This was definitely the highlight of my year! Being mum to a newborn has definitely been the most challenging, exhausting, intense experience of my life, but it has also been an amazing, rewarding, life-changing experience.

3. Anniversary holiday on Stradbroke Island
For our one year wedding anniversary, we headed back to Stradbroke Island which is where Chay proposed. This time we had a little baby with us!

miss_flik4. Woodford Folk Festival
We took Charlotte to her very first music festival and she LOVED it! She was still a little young for most of the kids activities, but she loved dancing to the live music. She got so excited at the start of the closing ceremony, that she tired herself out and ended up missing most of it because she fell asleep!

5. Maternity leave
For 2015 I was on maternity leave from my business while I focused on being a great mum. It was really hard for me to take a step back from my business, so I ended up working part time. Find a balance between my two roles as a mum and business owner was something I really struggled with, but it forced me to re-evaulate my business, so I’m now working smarter and getting more done in less time!



Miss Flik

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