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How to make temporary tattoos look real

1. Use Quality Products

Better quality temporary tattoos tend to look better and last longer. Purchase quality temporary tattoos or make your own tattoos with good quality temporary tattoo paper.

2. Prepare Your Skin

Your skin needs to be clean, dry and free from sweat, oil and hair, otherwise the he temporary tattoo adhesive may not adhere properly which will cause your tattoo to flake off.

3. Choose Your Positioning Wisely

Be careful with placement of your tattoos. Joints and other areas where the skin moves a lot will wear out your tattoo faster. If you choose an area that is hairy, you’ll need to remove to hair. Don’t put tattoos on your face if you want people to think they are real, as tattoo artists generally don’t do facial tattoos.

4. Remove the Shine

One of the tell-tale signs of a temporary tattoo is the shiny adhesive. To reduce this problem, cut out your design with as little border as possible. After you’ve applied your temporary tattoo and it is dry, gently apply a little loose face powder over the top of the tattoo to help set the tattoo and cut out the shine.